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Issue Two is available

We are thrilled to present the very second issue of Quartz Literary.

In this issue you will find several gorgeously written poems and wonderfully emotive fiction. Thank you to all our submitters, contributors, and readers—we couldn’t do this without you.


Growing Up by Lorrie Ness

Oceans by Nina Eddinger

Gold Rush by Caro Claire Burke

Creole Echoes by Tifara Knowles

Sensitive Dependence by Julie Benesh

Dandelions by Otito Greg-Obi

Lists Lived by Ricardo José González-Rothi

Polyamory From the Perspective of an Anniversary Card by Tyler Hurula

I only take showers by Alex Aimee Kist

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How to be a high quality single in your area by hadley Franklin

Use precisely one exclamation mark per text message. Fewer, and you will seem bored. More, and you will sound hysterical.


About us

Hello and thank you for considering our journal,

Quartz Literary seeks fiction and poetry that reflects and fractures. We want to see cracked versions of ourselves. Give us sharpness, but also beauty. Make us feel seen and allow us to discover something new about ourselves. Ultimately, we are looking for work that reflects the experiences, emotions, and details of life, but also subverts them sometimes. We want emotive authenticity and interesting, complex characters.

We mostly read literary fiction, but are also open to magical realism, surrealism, experimental, and literary works with mild genre elements (ex. The Martian, Interstellar, Such Small Hands, Baby Teeth, etc.) Also, we are a project of the online journal Silver Rose Magazine.

We look forward to reading your work!


Quinn from Quartz Literary

We accept submissions Through Submittable


Standard Fiction and Poetry

We accept fiction and poetry year-round and publish two print issues annually.


We have a series of contests throughout the year for novel excerpts, short stories, poetry, and flash. Most of our contests have a reward of $200-300. Check out our Submittable to see which contests are available right now.

Visual Art

We accept visual art submissions year-round. We use selected visual art for the cover of our print issues.