Dear Readers,

I have been thinking about Reflection lately. I think about it: as I lay out tarot cards, plucking them one after another, turning images of suns and moons, I think about it when I touch my partner, holding her hand in mine, dancing with each other while making Shepard’s pie or fettucine, I think about when I walk alone in the park, listening to birds chatter, observing the wrappers and tissues piled atop the trash can. Reflection has the power to make us better people. It has the power to change who we are. We can discover new things about ourselves. We can leap, crawl, step into our identities. This issue features fiction and poetry from a multitude of talented writers. I hope you enjoy them, find something to reflect on as you read them. I hope they change you. I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2023 and I look forward to the next issue of Quartz Literary.


Quinn Moore, Editor-in-Chief (she/her)